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Miguel【Demon Hunter】LE100
 Miguel【Demon Hunter】LE100
 Selling Price 395.00
 Point 4
 Face up
Manufacturer: Impldoll

Miguel【Demon Hunter】LE100  


This Doll is limited edition (limited 100 pieces in the world).Please make a careful decision, once order made, it's impossible to cancel.

We will provide three kinds of skin color for customer to choice.Real skin / White skin / Gray skin(Add $20)

You need to wait 35-45 days if you order make-up and body blushing.the blank doll can be ship within 30 days.

**For more body blushing pictures.please check here



*The doll will come with Human Leg(New leg without Thigh ball joint) and feet.
*The doll not include the human Shoulder.
*Impl default Bag
*Miguel (Real skin in the picture)
*Random pair of glass eyes
*Certificate card.
*No make-up(basic) / Select option if want make-up addition.
*No body Blushing / Select option if want body Blushing addition.
*Wig: please select option.
*Clothes: please select option.
**Composition of outfit :jacket+pants+Cloak+arm accessory


* Tall : 64 cm
* Head Circumference : 22.5 cm
* Neck Circumference : 10 cm
* width of shoulder : 13 cm
* Lenth of from "shoulder to wrist":20 cm
* Chest Circumference : 24.5 cm
* Circumference of waist: 20 cm
* Circumference of Hip: 26 cm
* Leg Length : 32.5 cm
* Thigh Circumference : 16 cm
* Calf of Circumference: 11.5 cm
* Feet Length : 7.8 cm
* Weight : 2.70kg



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